32 Cambridge Street

As part of our new module, ID Place, we are going to be looking at a building on Cambridge Street in Sheffield and gathering as much information about it both first hand and second hand. This will be part of our research portfolio along with a study of spaces in Birmingham, which we will be visiting next week. We will the have to write about our findings in a precedent report.

The building in question, on Cambridge Street, used to be a Sunday school back in 1852 and since then was a pub and restaurant. Now however it appears derelict and in need of use again. I’ve visited the building once and taken a few photos as well as sketched it but I was unable to see the inside of the building except for a few glimpses through a broken window! With it being a historical building it was Grade 2 listed in 1995. From the few bits of research I’ve done into the building so far it seems to be being used occasionally for arts organisations to host exhibitions and performances and is known as DINA. Whether this means the building is open to the public and during the day I don’t yet know. However, I think the building is in need of a new purpose and to be put on the map again, especially in light of the new Sheffield Retail Quarter that will eventually blossom around it.

I’d like to know more about the history of the building; when and who built it and what it was like as both a Sunday school and eventually a pub. I’m intrigued to know if it had any other uses in between these and I’d love to get a proper look inside!  I’ll be continuing my research of it over the next few weeks as for now I’ve only dipped my toe in the water!



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