Urban Living Room – CoLab project

Our final project of this academic year started this week and is a collaborative project between the first and second year interior design students, and our brief is to create an ‘Urban Living Room’ for Fitzalan Square in Sheffield City Centre. The square is currently unused by most members of the public, however it does attract anti-social behaviour due to the range of betting shops around and the poor visibility into the centre of the square:

IMG_20170425_104425584.jpgWe were put into groups on Monday and the first thing we decided was that the square needed much more lighting, in order to make it a safer and more welcoming spot.

After outlining a few things we thought could work in the square, I made a quick spider diagram of the things we had discussed, as well as a few small sketches and a list of keywords:



We decided we wanted the space to change in function between day and night, so in the day it would have a market and at night it would become a concert/exhibition space. We imagined this concert space to have a sort of auditorium seating area, which I decided to do a sketch of to help me visualise it:


After some further research we looked into having a kind of seating area made up of raised pentagon shapes that would all be different heights and would be tiered like an amphitheatre still. We then had the idea of continuing this pentagon shape in other areas of the square. The square currently has some small kiosks that we thought we could reanimate, however we then thought of turning them into pentagon shapes and having them as pop up kiosks, that would be market stalls in the day and bars/cafe’s at night. I drew how these might look and this is what I am currently focusing on, as they could be different heights, materials etc.


I’d like to try making these kiosks on SketchUp as I want to improve my CAD skills as well as contribute as much as possible within my group. CAD is not my strong suit however, so whatever I manage to create may not be included in our final visual presentation, but I will try my best to make it to a professional looking standard.


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