Workshop Project and end of Module 1!

This week in the workshop we started putting together all our materials from the last few weeks using our knowledge of fixings and material properties. In our groups we chose pieces from everyone’s individual work to try and piece together a structure of some sort. The model didn’t have to be of anything in particular but we had to try and think of the end product as being a representation of a building/structure. As well we had to include at least one piece of each material; wood, plastic and metal.

We began playing around with the different pieces we had and choosing the most interesting shapes. We found that some of our pieces fit well together around the moulded plastic piece, which led us onto the idea of making a box like structure.

As we chose a few different materials for the sides of the ‘box’ we had to think about what type of fixings were suitable. To join the plastic and metal together we decided to use a pop rivet for one side and a bolt for the other. In addition to trying to use all the different types of material we also had to try and use a few different fixing methods.

To join our plastic and metal we had to drill holes into each piece of material and make sure they lined up with each other as accurately as possible.


As well as using bolts and pop rivets we used some extra strong glue to join plastic to wood:


Finally, we used a screw to join two pieces of wood together; MDF and hardwood. This involved drilling a hole into the hardwood that was slightly smaller than the thickness of the screw so that the grains of wood would not be at risk of splitting and the screw not being tight enough.

After each side and corner had been joined to each other, we trimmed the base of the box and also added a curved piece of metal as well as some moulded plastic into a hole in the wooden side of the box, for decoration.

Here is the end result:


This was our final assignment for this module as it ends this Friday and our blogs have to be submitted and complete by then! We aren’t required to keep blogging for the next module (I think) so this may be my final blog post! I’ve really enjoyed this first module and keeping a blog is more enjoyable than I thought it would be! I feel I have learnt quite a few skills throughout this module as well as reflected on the things I am good at and the things I need to improve. I think these workshop tasks are where I am most lacking in knowledge and confidence but I feel these last few weeks have helped me feel somewhat less apprehensive about the machinery! I enjoy doing technical drawings the most and to some extent the model making isn’t as tricky as I imagined it to be! I’m eager to improve and to start the next module! It’s going to be strange no longer blogging; I may decide to keep it up anyway!




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