Ordering Samples

As part of my course I have been told to get into the habit of ordering samples of materials from manufactures in order to build up my own catalogue/portfolio of material swatches. As an interior designer having a wide variety and knowledge of materials at your fingertips is vital as it’s important to be able to meet a clients range of needs. Therefore our course leaders have suggested to us that we begin asking around for samples to begin building this knowledge and to blog about our findings.

To find examples of materials as well as manufacturers we have been told to use a website called Architonic, which has a mass of products and resources available to retails, companies and designers. So far I have contacted many manufacturers asking for a sample and only a few have gotten back to me! I was however finally sent some samples over Christmas from a company called Plexwood, who deliver their products world wide and produce sustainable and 100% natural wood.

I contacted them asking for a small sample of one of their wood products and they generously sent me a large box of several different wood samples as well as a spec sheet!

So I’m very pleased with their service and I’ll hopefully get sent some more generous packages from other companies soon!


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