Perspective Drawing Recap

Our new module, ID Place, began 2 weeks before Christmas with some sessions on perspective drawing. We already had a few sessions in module 1 that involved drawing in 1, 2 and 3 point perspective so these were mostly recap sessions to help us fine tune our perspective skills.

During these sessions we completed a number of tasks in 1 and 2 point perspective. We focused on 1 point for the first week and 2 point for the second.

Week 1:

In week one we did several exercises focusing on a single vanishing point either in the centre of the page or slightly to the left or right of the centre. Thinking about how one point perspective is used to draw a room we practised with a central vanishing point as well as an askew vanishing point to get an idea of how each can change the view of a room.

When starting to draw a room in one point perspective the first thing to do is place the vanishing point on the page within what would be eye level within a room. From that a horizontal line is drawn to indicate eye height and from there diagonals can be drawn to create the dimensions of the room. To make it easier when adding furniture to the room you can draw a grid that helps to indicate the depths and widths of the room. Most of our exercises involved a central vanishing point so this grid could be used underneath each drawing. However, we also draw a room with an off central vanishing point, for which we drew a different grid.

At the end of week one our final task was to draw a room first hand using the principles of one point perspective.

We all had to focus on the same interior, which was our main university building, but could choose different floor levels etc to get different views; I chose the top level:



Because I was on the top level my vanishing point was quite high up the page as was my eye level. The most difficult part of this was drawing the circles in perspective.

Week 2:

The following week we looked at two point perspective, which is a bit more complicated than one point. Again we were tasked with drawing rooms in perspective but this time there were several positions for the vanishing point:


The above task involved drawing 2 rooms from different positions thereby changing the vanishing points each time.


Our final task during our perspective sessions was find different views within the studio building and draw them, in perspective, but through a viewpoint, either square or rectangular. This was to help us refine our perspective skills. These were my chosen views:


My favourite one is the close up of the stairs even though it’s not really a perspective drawing! The one looking down the corridor is probably closest to being in perspective, which was quite difficult to draw.

This was our only work before Christmas aside from research into a building that we’re going to be looking at during this module which I will do a separate blog for now!


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