Site Plans and Building Bridges

This week has been the interim week between our last module, ID Space,and our new module, ID Place. So for this week we have had a series of workshops, beginning with two drawing sessions on Monday and Tuesday in which we had to think about the connections between plans, sections and elevations when drawing (as we have done before).

Firstly though we were given the task of drawing/ representing some words. we were given a sheet of 20 boxes which we had to fill with representations of some given words, such as ‘dangerous’ or ‘surprise’ or ‘crowded’. The aim of this was to get us to think about how a designer starts thinking about a space and what type of space it will be. using a few simple words and thinking about how they can be shown visually can help a designer form an idea. After drawing out 20 we had to enhance 10 of them.


After this we started working on the bigger project which involved site surveying Hallam Square, which is the area in front of the main uni building here in Sheffield. We went out in groups and measured a few areas of the site, mostly noting what went where in terms of street furniture etc.


Then we each had to trace the given hand out(above) and add in the details we had collected. We were also supposed to be doing a section from the plan but the tutor decided it would take us too long!


Hallam Square


My site plan

We had to use a mixture of medias for the site plan, including Kurecolor for shadowing and fine liners to show heights. We were also told to get an idea of which areas on the site are most populated by people on an average day and show this on the plan as well.


On Wednesday we had a lecture by a structural engineer who talked us through the process of building bridges. As interior designers we may come across a time when we are in need of a structural engineer to help us with make our building structurally sound. All the theories and technical terms that we learnt in this lecture were applied in today’s session, in which we had to build a bridge!

We had 45 minutes to piece together a bridge from two ends of some steel frames. We worked as a group of four, with two people at each end, working towards the centre until we reached each other. We were given nuts, bolts, planes of wood with holes in them and cables that were attached to the steel frames. Once we picked up the method of how to piece all of these together it became a fairly easy task as we just had to repeat the method. First we place the wooden planes onto a screw and tighten them with a nut, then we would attach a cable of the correct length (depending how far away from the steel frame the plane of wood was) and screw it into the side of a metal joint, that went in between each plane of wood.


Steel frames of the bridge

I really enjoyed this task because it involved problem solving and working as a team. Once we got the hang of it it was all about repeating the same process, which is something I find quite enjoyable. At the end we got to stand on it and it was a very good bridge!

Next week we start our new module and I think I will keep up the blogging (even though we don’t have to!)


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