Trends in Hospitality Design

This weeks lecture was given by Tom Hupe from Perkins and Will, an Architecture and Interior Design firm. He spoke to us about the trends in hospitality design and how this has affected hotels across the world as well as travel agencies.

Tom outlined the history of hotels and how they were built mostly for purpose, i.e. sleeping, but now they are very much about giving the user an experience they won’t forget and offer more than just a bed to sleep in. It was interesting to hear about all the factors that hoteliers now have to consider when trying to create this unique user experience. Many hotel users in the past were business people, who would need a hotel for little more than a stop-over place to rest. Now, as well as this, hotels are about leisure, about visiting a new place, enjoying food and socialising with the locals. All these factors make the hospitality business a thriving and exciting industry, with much potential to expand in future years to come.

I enjoyed this lecture and felt I learnt a lot about an area of design I had not really considered before. I think hotel design would be an interesting area of work and is perhaps something I could look into for placement year.



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