…And more!

I recently got sent even more free samples in the post! Once again I searched through websites that offered this service and I found a company called Bemz that allowed me to order 5 free samples. They came in a neat booklet with information about the source of the materials.



The green and orange are made of 100% linen whilst the rest are all Panama cotton.

As well as this order, I also sent for some more free samples from Arlo and Jacob, who previously sent me 7 free samples that were so good I went back for more!

Here’s what I got this time:


Left to right: Linen Mix Stripe – Toffee, Graffiti – Fossil (49% polypropolene, 31% polyester, 16% wool, 4% viscose), Brushed Cotton Linen Mix – Pistachio, Cowboy Leather – Burnt Tan, Italian Velvet – Henna, Plush Cotton – Berry

My favourite of these materials is the Italian velvet and the ‘Graffiti’ which is made of a range of materials. I feel I now have a good range of material samples at my fingertips however I’m sure I’ll still order more!



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