Rachel’s Lecture

On Monday we had a lecture by my first year tutor, Rachel, who discussed her MA work with us and the importance of choosing a subject that you are passionate about.

An interest of Rachel’s was exhibition/ installation design along with psychology and the benefits of recycling. She chose to create an installation that conveyed the importance of recycling waste paper. She did lots of research into this subject as well as looking into how she could evoke emotional responses through her installation. To present her design she used Photoshop and SketchUp and produced various layouts/visuals of her design in process; which is something she encouraged us to do throughout any design project. Along with the visuals of her design, she explained her project very clearly hence reinforcing her concept and her overall aims.

From this lecture I’ve learnt the importance of finding inspiration for a design project through things you enjoy as this will enhance not only your design but your motivation. As well as this I’ve understood the need to present a design through lots of different mediums such as sketches, 3D graphics and verbal communication, so that your concept is clearly conveyed and understood.


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