Site Survey

On Tuesday we were set the task of site surveying a stairwell in small groups. Before starting we discussed how important it is to try and get as much information about dimensions during a site survey as possible as this will inform your final drawing and make it more accurate. As interior designers we will have to get used to gathering dimensions from a site efficiently and practically so that there is no need to return to the site later on, which may waste the client’s time as well as our own.

The first thing we did when measuring the stairwell was to count how many risers and treds it had (basically the steps, split into the vertical and horizontal faces of each) and noted this down for reference later. We then measured as many components of the stairs as possible such as the handrail height and width, the landing length and the depth, width and length of a step and noted all these dimensions down on a rough sketch:


After this, for self directed work we had to draw an elevation and plan of the stairway using all the measurements found. I did both of mine at 1:25 scale.

Upon reflection I think I still needed to gather more information from the site survey, such as the number of bars on the handrail and positioning of the bricks on the wall. I think it would be useful to take a few photos of the site also, as these are errors I could correct by looking at a photograph.


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