Isometric and perspective floor plans

For our self directed work from Monday’s drawing session we had to complete any studio work that we hadn’t finished, which for me was an isometric drawing of a room plan as well as a two point perspective of the same room plan.

So here is my finished isometric:


And here is my finished perspective drawing:


I think I am still getting the hang of perspective drawing along with freehand drawing as I think one of my lines is incorrect on the above drawing due to how I’ve drawn out the grid. I can definitely see the benefit of using both types of drawing to present a room to a client so I need to master each of them!

As well as these two pieces of work we were told to highlight the lines of the hotel bedroom drawing we used last week, marking out where they converged towards each vanishing point, distinguishing between the two by using different coloured pens.


A fairly simple task but it helped to gain an idea of where vanishing points occur in two point perspective drawings.


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