Kurecolor Renderings

Our self directed work from Mondays session was to complete another rendering of the hotel bedroom handout as well as do two more of a similar image given to us.

My second rendering of the hotel bedroom was difficult to do as the pen had bled through the paper from the rendering on the other side. However, I used a few pastel colours to try and add shadows in the correct places and hopefully cover up the ink from the other side!


The other image we had to render twice using as many medias as we wanted. We were given an image of a painted rendering of the room to use as a guidance however I didn’t follow it for my first rendering but I did for my second. I feel my second one went better because of this as I understood different parts of the room and the shadows created by the furniture by looking at the photo as a reference. My first rendering was done by my own estimations.


First rendering


Second rendering

I feel I understand rendering a little better now because of doing two versions. I think it helped me to correct my mistakes and learn from them.


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