Working with Kurecolor

Today we looked at using a new media called Kurecolor which are alcohol based marker pens, used by designers to render their drawings.

We started with an exercise on experimenting with the pens to see their different tonal ranges and also how they can be used with other medias, such as crayons. The pens tend to bleed into the paper so the order in which you apply different medias is important. It’s best to start with the lighter tones and build on top of them when rendering a piece of work in Kurecolor. Pastels can be added over the top of Kurecolor quite effectively as well as crayon, both of which can be used to add further information to an interior such as patterns and textures.


After this we had a go at rendering a printed image of an interior, paying attention to the light source and the shadows this created in the room.


For our self directed work we have to complete another version of this hotel bedroom as well as two versions of a similar drawing in order to experiment with colours and techniques.



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