Schematic Model

On Tuesday we discussed the different types of models that an interior designer uses to convey their ideas. Before now we have been looking at making sketch models which are rough and quick representations of an initial thought. This week we started to look at schematic models which are more sophisticated and thought out models that can better present a concept. Unlike sketch models they are not always made out of paper but are still made out of one material such as mountboard, cardboard or plywood.

We were set a task to create a schematic model each in 1:50 scale following a set of steps. I made my model out of mountboard and some paper and used a scalpel and UHU glue to piece it together.


Floor plan 

Image source: schematic-model-making

It took me a very long time to finish my model as it was very fiddly and took a lot of patience! I thought I would dislike making it but I actually enjoyed the process and following the instructions.


My model halfway through the process



Final outcome


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