Concept Board

Last week we looked at putting together all the skills we’ve learnt over the past month about model making and how these can be used to create a concept board to present to a client. A concept board is used by interior designers to show a client their initial thoughts about a project and the aesthetics of the concept they are proposing. The designer will use a mixture of images, material swatches and typography to display the atmosphere of the concept.

Our task was to put together our own concept board using imagery, sketch models, sketch visuals and material samples. We had to choose a theme/direction from the following list of words to use a key focus point for our concept:

  • Natural
  • Minimalist
  • Smooth
  • Organic
  • Geometric
  • Futuristic
  • Invigorating

I chose the word natural and began to explore the associations of this word. I decided to think of it as relating to seasons and chose to focus on autumn as my concept.

Our boards had to include the following:

  • A texture/sketchmodel
  • Suggested colour palette
  • Inspirational imagery
  • Text/key words/font
  • Interior imagery
  • Photo of a sketchmodel
  • Sketchvisuals
  • Material swatches(real or images)

I began by looking for imagery and decided to take inspiration from an artist I like called Leonid Afremov(whom I’ve mentioned before in a blog). His paintings are often of trees using vibrant and autumnal colours so I decided to include imagery of some of his paintings on my concept board. I also liked the idea of creating a sketchmodel inspired by the veins of leaves which would also link in with his work.

Image source                                      Image source

I made two sketchmodels inspired by the veins of leaves both differing in approach.

Image source

For the first sketchmodel I made I crumpled up a piece of A4 paper and then scrunched up different parts to mimic the shapes of the veins. This created some interesting spaces in between the folds:


For the second sketchmodel I took a more straightforward approach and made the actual veins out of rolled up pieces of paper. I decided I liked this sketchmodel more because it created interesting shadows, so I chose to use this one for my sketchvisual as well.


For the sketchvisual I decided to create a restaurant space as I thought the spaces in between the veins looked very open and spacial.


After completing my sketch models and visuals I focused on bringing together all the elements for the concept board. I had ordered a sample of an olive green velour fabric as an example of the sort of material that could be used in my concept or for any autumnal scheme. In terms of the restaurant space the fabric could be used to upholster chairs or as cushion material. I had wanted a few more samples to put on my board but the companies I emailed didn’t get back to me in time, so I only had one example of a material in the end. I think the next time I do a concept board I will email lots of companies and get as many samples as possible to ensure I have enough to display on the board.

Laying out the concept board took me quite a while! I wanted to fill up the space as much as possible and to also make up for the lack of actual material samples with pictures of some, which I got from magazines. Got there in the end though!


This concept board was our final model making session on Thursdays and as of that week we are now in the workshop on Thursdays working on a project about forming and experimenting with metals and plastics.


Further image sources:

Autumn Leaves





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