Plan Oblique and Isometrics

Yesterday we discussed the 3 different types of projection techniques that a designer can use to represent their space:

  • Multiview Drawings
  • Paraline Drawings
  • Perspective Drawings

So far, in the past few weeks, we have been studying multi-view drawings which includes plans, sections and elevations. This week we started to look at paraline drawings such as plan obliques and isometrics.

A plan oblique is a room/floor plan rotated at an angle of 45 degrees and projected upwards.

An isometric is a room/floor plan that has been rotated 30 degrees and projected upwards. The objects in the room appear distorted as the depths and widths (horizontals) are at 30 degrees but the verticals remain vertical.

Our first task was to practice drawing a cylindrical shape in both plan oblique and isometric. In order to do this we used two different set squares, one 45 degrees for the plan oblique and the other 30/60 degrees for the isometric. We started with a base square to project vertically from and then drew a base circle 2/3rds of the way in from the square.


Next we had to draw a room plan, twice in plan oblique and twice in isometric, each time changing the orientation of the room. We were given the dimensions of the different objects in the room.

Floor plan.jpg

Image source: plan-oblique-and-isometric-handout-2016-2


This task took a fairly long time and I found it quite tricky to complete. I think the cylindrical objects are what I find most difficult to produce as it’s hard to make them as precise as the cubic blocks even when using a compass. I find it useful to use a grid on the plan oblique base as it makes it easier to place the objects in the correct position. With the isometric however it was difficult to make a grid because of the angle of it. I’m definitely out of my comfort zone with isometrics!

For our self directed work we have to produce a plan oblique of our bedrooms using the floor plans we’ve already drawn.

I’ve already done this so I’ll just add it to this blog post rather than starting a new one!


I was unsure whether to leave all the furniture as blocks as we had done in the studio work so I just added a few details to some areas. I also wasn’t sure whether to add walls so I did a back wall but without any depth.I think I’m getting the hang of plan oblique but I don’t want to speak too soon!


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