First hand drawing

Today’s drawing session followed on from our discussions on how to add information to an object by adding tone. We started putting this into practice by finding simple objects around the whole arts building that we could sketch and add tone and shadow to.

We once again touched on how, when drawing an object, you have to think about it’s vanishing points in relation to the angle that you see the object as well as think about the direction of light falling on the object and how this will affect the tone variations.


As I was going round the building to find interesting objects to draw I found an old looking pipe that I decided to sketch:


I thought about the angle that I was drawing at and how this would affect both the tones I used as well as the angles of my lines and the symmetry of the circular planes.


I only really got as far as doing the outline of the pipe so I yet need to add the different tones and think about how to vary these depending on the light source as well as the changes in material.

For our self directed work we need to do two more sketches like this on A3 sheets, filling the entire page and including as much rendering as possible in soft pencils.



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