Today’s theory session was about 3 types of feedback:

  • Peer Assessment
  • Staff Assessment
  • Self Assessment

All of these assessments were of our individual blogs and how we are each progressing with them.


Marking Criteria


Self Assessment

We each had to fill out a self assessment and then in groups we had to take a look at each other’s blogs and give positive and critical feedback. All the blogs I saw were difficult to fault!

It was constructive being able to see other people’s blogs as I got an idea of if I was as organised and detailed as other people are. I’m reassured now that I’ve been doing the right thing!

For my staff assessment I was told that my blog was going well and to keep doing what I’m doing! I just need to make sure that my photos of pencil drawings are dark enough to see the details in the pictures I upload and to have a try at uploading drawings/work that I do in my spare time in order to gain more merit. So I think will have a go at creating a section on my blog that is for my own individual, unrelated work.


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