Freehand bedroom plan

Our self directed work from our drawing session on Monday was to draw 2 floor plans of our bedroom, each rendered, hatched or coloured in in some way. The aim was to add information to the room such as where shadows fall or what material a piece of furniture was made of. One of the floor plans had to be done freehand and in pen in order to help us practice our freehand drawing skills but I decided to do both of mine freehand.


Freehand using soft pencils, crayons, Kurecolour and oil pastels.


Freehand using fine liner, soft pencils and crayons

I tried to make each drawing different by changing the direction of the light in each one and using more hatching in one and rendering in the other. Couldn’t get the hang of the chair’s shadow each time, so I need more practise! I think it will help me to continue doing drawings like this and observing how light affects different objects.


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