Concept Work

Following on from our previous lessons on sketch models and sketch visuals, on Thursday we looked at how a designer uses these when coming up with a concept. Often a designer can find inspiration in the most ordinary things and from there build up a concept for an interior. We looked at how to practice this technique ourselves.

We were told that we were each going to produce a sketch model and a sketch visual that represented either a watch shop or a perfume shop. I began listing my thoughts for each and decided upon the watch shop.



I had the idea to make the shop circular in shape to mimic a watch face but I also liked the idea of it representing a cog. I also thought about the hours shown on a clock and how I could have the shop split into different sections as though it were a giant clock.

I started to play around with making a sketch model so that I could visualise how the space would look. I merged a few different ideas together but in the end I chose the one that I thought looked most like a cog and hence made the most interesting space.


For my sketch visual I selected a image from amongst my photos that I thought looked the most interesting:


I then thought about all the features that I would need to include in my sketch visual to make it look like a watch shop. I decided it needed:

  • A checkout area
  • Display cabinets
  • Something to pull the concept together such as time related decor
  • Lighting

After I had thought about all this I printed my chosen photo and stuck tracing paper over the top. I used pencils and crayons to draw my sketch visual:


Due to the scale of photo the shop was actually a fairly small space which meant it would probably be more of an exclusive watch shop selling only a few different items rather than a large scale retail outlet.

As this was a fairly large task we once again weren’t given any self directed work for this week other than to finish our models and sketches. So that’s me done!


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