After learning how to draw plans and elevations in our previous technical drawing classes, today we looked at how to draw sections, which are similar to floor plans except they’re a vertical section viewed from the side of the building/object. The purpose of a section is to provide information that may not be seen in an elevation or plan such as lighting fixtures or suspended ceilings etc.

For the majority of the session we worked on drawing sections of objects and rooms and were given 3 exercises to complete throughout the day.

The first task was to draw a plan, elevation and section of a square coffee mug at 1:1 scale:


Next we had to draw a plan and two sections of a room that contained 4 shapes of equal dimensions.


Photograph of the handout


Plan at 1:50


2 sections at 1:50

The final task was to draw a section of a room – which took a very long time!


Photograph of the handout


Section at 1:25

I enjoyed completing these tasks despite them being fairly time consuming! I think perhaps sections are slightly harder than plans but I suppose they’re just something else I need to get used to!

We weren’t set any self directed work after today’s session as we were told to just try and complete all the studio work – luckily I already had!



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