Tone and Hue

In today’s drawing class we looked at how we can produce variations of tone using pencils, crayons and other medias. We discussed the differences between tone and hue and when these differences need to be applied to sketches.

We practised hatching and rendering in crayon and pencil in order to discover how comfortable we were with each method as well as each media. We also discussed how to make an object look curved by using the full tonal range of our chosen media and thinking about the positioning of a light source.


We were then shown a floor plan of a studio apartment and how the designer had applied these skills to add depth to the furniture. For our self directed work we have to draw a floor plan of our rooms (as we have done previously) at our halls of residence on a 1:20 scale and add in shadows and tone to the pieces of furniture where the light shines in. We were told to do two plans and to try doing one freehand in order to practice our freehand drawing skills. Seeing as I’ve already drawn a plan out of my bedroom for previous work it should be fairly straightforward!


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