Self Directed sketch visuals

After last weeks lesson on sketch visuals we were told to create our own for self directed work. We were given the option of using the photos provided in the lesson or of taking our own photos of an everyday object and adding detail to it. I decided to do one of each but instead of taking a new photo of an ordinary object, I chose to use a photo of one of my sketch models.

I decided to turn my model into a leisure centre/ gym area as when I made the model I took inspiration from The Roman Pool in Hearst Castle so I thought I would stick with this original purpose:



Photo of my sketch model


Gym space created on top of my sketch model

As well as using my own photo I also had a go at using one of the provided photos:


I tried to turn the folds of the fabric into a kind of giant slide in an amusement park, but I feel my first visual was better as it’s a more coherent looking space. I think perhaps if I made the slide smaller and added in some extra rides or equipment then it would become more easily recognisable as an amusement park. I had fun completing this task though, I’d like to do some more sketch visuals!


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