Sketch visuals

After last weeks lesson on sketch models, this week we started to look at how we can develop our models by photographing them and drawing onto them to add more detail.

Before doing this we started with an exercise on how to draw figures into our sketches, as most of us had become used to drawing stick men!


We were told to try and perfect our figures over the coming months so that when we produce sketches of interiors our stick figures don’t ruin the quality!

After that we each worked on producing four different interiors, drawn on top of some pictures of sketch models from previous years. We had to produce a bar, a hotel reception, an art gallery and a retail shop. We were all given the same photographs to choose from so everyone used a different image for their chosen space. As well as drawing straight onto the image we were given tracing paper and tissue paper to use as extra layers if we wanted to build upon what was in the photograph.

I chose the following photographs:

Images source

The first sketch I did was of a bar space, which I sketched directly onto the paper and used some tissue paper and chalk pastels to add colour:


The second one I did was of a retail space. I chose to do a regular clothing store using fine liner pen on top of tracing paper, so that I could add more details.


My third sketch was of a hotel reception, which I struggled with as I felt the shape of the model in the photo wasn’t quite clear enough to make into a definitive reception area, so I made it more of a hotel lobby rather than just the reception:


My final one was of the art gallery, which again I struggled with because of the shape of the model. I felt it looked better once I added some colour though.


For our self directed work we have to photograph an everyday object and turn it into a sketch visual, just like these. Alternatively to photographing something ourselves we were given some photos of general objects to turn into spaces. I haven’t decided what I’m going to do yet so I may try using one of my own photographs and one of the ones provided. Don’t know what space I’m going to create yet though!


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