Complementary colours and line drawings

On Monday we had our second drawing class in which we started to look at perspective. We did a series of exercises that involved drawing cuboids in a fluid way. Most of us have become used to drawing shapes with a ruler or being very precise with our lines and so the purpose of the exercises was to change the way we approach drawing cuboid like shapes.dsc_0651

We also discusses vanishing points and how to draw objects so that they tend towards them. One exercise was to draw lots of cuboid shapes around a vanishing point to see which of the faces of the shape would show at different angles. We were then told to reproduce this in A3 for self directed work and to fill it with as many different cuboids as possible, so as to see all the different variations of the shape.dsc_0650

I think some of my cuboids aren’t quite drawn correctly as I’ve done some of them at slight angles when they’re supposed to be at horizontals and verticals. So I may have another go at this exercise to fully get the hang of it.

Another piece of self directed work we were given from Mondays session was to fill an A3 sheet with 6 different cuboid objects in line form and in different medias. I drew lots of everyday items that I could see in my room and filled the page as much as possible.


Our final piece of self directed work from Monday was to photograph examples of the different complementary pairs of colours, so red with green, blue with orange and yellow with purple. I again used objects from around my room – so pretty ordinary objects!


And in this one I indirectly photographed all 3 pairs in one!DSC_0645.jpg

I think I could find some much more interesting objects to photograph for this exercise so I may well look out for examples of complementary pairs and then add them to this blog post!


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