Sketch Models

Yesterday we began looking at model making and how to create ‘sketch models’ using paper and tape or glue. A sketch model is a rough and quick representation of an idea or design. It doesn’t have to be neat or precise and it can take up to five minutes to produce. The idea of a sketch model is to help a designer picture their idea in 3D form.

We were given several exercises in which we had to reproduce, interpret or respond to a series of images, designs or a video by creating a sketch model.

First we had to reproduce objects or spaces in around 5 minutes:

Image source:

I used paper and UHU glue for all my models. I think in future using tape would be an easier method for sketch models as it’s quicker and less fiddly. I hadn’t done any model making before yesterday and I found it quite a difficult task at first. I’m keen to improve my skills in it and become less nervous with materials!


Hotel Marques de Riscal by Frank Gehry – Image source




My sketch model

The next space we had to reproduce was the Centre for Contemporary Art by Zaha Hadid and this time we had 10 minutes to produce a sketch model:

Image source:

For the final space we had 15 minutes to reproduce the Bridge of Aspiration in London:


Bridge of Aspiration in London – Image source



For the next exercise we had to interpret the following paintings:

Image sources:

For each of these we had to build our sketch model on top of a handout we were given of each painting. We had around 20 minutes to produce each of these and were told to think about the shapes, height and angles of our models.



For the final exercise we watched a video and were told to respond to it by creating a sketch model. The video showed skateboarders in a park and I chose to respond by creating a model that represents the different jumps and tricks that a skateboarder can do:


The model itself could also be interpreted in different ways as the shapes of the paper could represent the ramps and slopes found in a skate park.

We were given self directed work for the over the next week to reproduce, interpret and respond to 6 images/objects/buildings/paintings or videos of our choice and create a sketch model for each of them. I think I’m going to choose a few buildings/architecture and some paintings for my models. I might also try using cardboard and tape to make them a bit less fiddly. Hopefully they go well!






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