Dream Space – Day 2

For our final day of the Dream Space project we worked on producing an A1 drawing that defined our conception of a dream whilst also depicting our thought processes for creating our model. We also took a series of photos that captured our model in different light and angles.


Our A1 drawing showing our thought processes

During our brainstorm we used many words that we felt summarised our ideas of what a dream is and how our space could be represented through them. Our A1 drawing therefore shows all the words and thoughts that we had during our brainstorming activity and how these led to our final design.

The aim of our model was to represent brain waves and how they look when we sleep and we felt the photos of our model perfectly conveyed our concept. The string inside the box looks different from each angle and shows how erratic and changeable our thoughts are within dreams.


Final presentation of our project

At the end of the day we had to present our work to the other groups and summarise how our project went and the changes our concept went through. I feel our project went well and that our photographs capture our idea thoroughly. However, I think to develop our work we could experiment with colour more and also set up a video of the box throughout the day to see how much the light changes and the impact it has on the shadows.

I’ve learnt from this project to experiment with ideas more and adapt my work as I go along. I think the best way to know if an idea is going to work is to try it out and learn from it. So this will be what I attempt to do in my next project, looking forward to finding out what it is!


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