Dream Space – Day 1

For this first week of my course we have a short group project to work on called Dream Space. Our task is to design a space that represents a dream or encourages you to feel that you are dreaming – it’s quite an open brief so it can be interpreted in many ways. The design needs to be represented by a model no larger than 30cm x 30cm x 30cm and by an A1 drawing.

In our groups we began brainstorming ideas about how a dream makes you feel, what you see in dreams and what could be used to convey these senses to the space. Our course leader had mentioned how our brain waves during sleep go through a series of stages that could be represented on a chart. We decided to use this as the concept for our space as we felt that the unsteadiness of brain activity during sleep could be compared to the sometimes erratic and unpredictable nature of dreams.


Brain waves in various stages




Our idea was to represent these brain waves using string inside a dark box that we would then shine light into to create lots of shadows. We felt that the shadows could further represent the unknown in dreams and how we often see things that are unrecognisable or blurred. We also decided that the use of tracing paper would enhance the quality of the shadows and again add mysteriousness. We also thought that the box could be interpreted in different ways as it could be seen as an unconventional dream catcher or even as a brain, with the string depicting the brain nerves.


Design plan


Design plan

By the end of day 1 we had the box fully constructed with the string glued inside. Now we have to represent our concept through an A1 drawing – our task for tomorrow!



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